Customer Experience isn’t just a saying around Cambridge, it’s how we live and breathe. One of our goals is to “make our customers’ lives easy”. What this means to us is that we always look for ways to provide solutions, reporting, and all interactions as quickly, easily and informative as possible.

Our clients are all very busy people and they all have responsibilities outside of the design and construction projects that Cambridge is hired to work on with them. The last thing we want them worrying about is whether or not we can fulfill our obligations or do as we promised. We work very hard to hold our people accountable to ensure that, at all times, our customers and partners are getting the best service possible in their opinion. Why do I say, “in their opinion”? That’s because we customize our experience to our customer’s needs and wants. There is a wide array of people that we deal with, so we work hard to understand what it is they would like to see from us. Some are more hands-on and some are “need to know” only. Some like detailed reporting, some just want a summary; others would like weekly calls, while still others are happy with bi-weekly or periodic participation in calls. These are just some of the ways that we adapt to our client’s needs to help improve their overall experience.

The Cambridge staff takes our clients’ experiences very seriously because we appreciate the fact that there are many choices out there. To set ourselves apart, we also try to offer various services our clients have shown us they need. The Cambridge process starts with feasibility studies and design development to full architectural and design services through construction and the warranty period. There are many steps and touchpoints along the way and we work hard to constantly improve every one of them. We aren’t perfect, no one is. So if we encounter a hiccup in the road, we work hard to repair it and eliminate it going forward. Life is all about finding ways to make yourself a better person, better company, and better business partner and we strive to do that both for ourselves and our customers.

There is a phrase that we have built into our internal marketing for our employees to see daily. It is, “People do business with people because they choose to, not because they have to. We can always find others doing the same thing or selling the same product. It’s the personal connection that makes the difference.” This says a lot to us at Cambridge because we don’t want this to merely be a business transaction. We want to help our customers from today until forever. To do this, we take the time to learn your business operations, which then helps us design facilities that will help you improve your operations and create a safe, durable, and efficient facility that will suit your needs for a long time.

Much like a tailor has to learn your body to build you the right suit that fits you perfectly, we also want to tailor your facility and your experience to meet your needs as they are today and as they will be in the future.

This is what Customer Experience means to all of the associates at Cambridge. If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. We would be thrilled at the opportunity!

Jeff Eriks – President