Anyone looking to take on the design-build process needs to fully understand the entire process from start to finish as well as the importance of each step including the cautions, pitfalls, and questions you should know about each one. Below is an infographic of the overall process from start to finish.

This will give you an idea of what it looks like as you journey into the initial feasibility/scoping stage and travel through to the completion and opening of the build and beyond. People often think, “I will hire an architect to design it and then a contractor to build it, then it’s done!” This isn’t even close to what it’s like. You should find a partner you can trust to educate you on the overall process, each phase, and then who can help guide you through it. Understanding what you are about to embark on is a large time commitment for you and will require thousands of decisions that start before the design begins and continues until after you begin occupying the building.

We would be happy to walk you through the process and talk about each phase with you to give you a solid idea of what it is you are getting into. You must prepare, you must be available, and you must have a tangible end goal in mind that is achievable. Blogs are meant to be short and sweet, so I can’t get into all the details here, but feel free to contact us and we can schedule a call to begin the process.

Jeff Eriks – President