Times are changing in the world today. It’s important to find companies to work with that share your values which lead to a great working relationship. Cambridge has been implementing a process known as EOS (Entrepreneur Operating System) for about 2 years now. And while it is a work in process, like any business, we are making steady progress. As part of this mindset, we established a core focus for our business, core values, and four uniques that set us apart from others.

Cambridge works to be the steady hand in the design-build process that can help guide our clients and partners every step of the way. Our company’s passion is “Simplifying Clients Lives One Project at a Time”. We believe that if we can handle all the details for the client, pull it together for them, and create a seamless process from beginning to end, our clients will continue to come back to us in the future. Most of our clients have busy lives, most often at work and at home.

Handling the design and construction process isn’t what they want to focus on. This is where Cambridge comes in. By having architects on staff, we can fully handle the design process for our client and drive sub-consultants to design within the specifications we require and the budget that is set with the client before the design starts. We hire people that share this passion and we ensure the entire team is focused on it. This carries into construction as well. We communicate as much as the owner wants and also send out weekly reports to the client that provide them with a status of the project progress, budget, schedule, and some photos. It’s a great way for the owner to have a good idea of the status. It’s all about making it easy for them to stay involved and abreast of where the project is at weekly without having to make site visits.

Cambridge also utilizes 5 core values: Team Player, Whatever it Takes, Life-Long Learner, H.A.R.D. Working and Do the Right Thing. Most of these are pretty self-explanatory. The only one I will expound on a little further is H.A.R.D Working. We turned this into an acronym for “Helpful, Accommodating, Responsible and Dedicated.” We focus on holding our people to these standards and it shows in our dealings with our customers.

The four uniques that we use to set ourselves apart are: Make clients’ lives easy, Cambridge’s unique expertise in the solid waste industry, standing by what we build and the Cambridge owners are directly involved in your projects. These uniques create a way we do business that is all focused on our client’s success. One project at a time. You need to stay focused to be successful.

If these philosophies and values resonate with you, reach out to the Cambridge team, and let’s talk about your upcoming projects.

Jeff Eriks – President