By Jeff Eriks

May 13, 2015


Republic Services, Inc. is an industry leader in U.S. non-hazardous recycling and solid waste.

Republic’s collection companies including:

  1. Transfer stations
  2. Recycling centers
  3. And landfills provide reliable environmental services and solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and residential customers.

Republic believes in protecting the planet and applying common-sense solutions to customers’ waste and recycling challenges and needs.

Cambridge Companies is a design-build company located in Chicago.

They have been in business since 1986 and have been focusing on the waste industry since the early 1990s. Cambridge has completed more than 100 waste facility design/build projects to date. While Cambridge is located in Chicago, they serve clients throughout the U.S. currently carrying licenses in 30 states, with the ability to add as needed.

As a world leader in recycling separation technology and sustainable solutions, CP Group (San Diego, CA) engineers, manufactures, and installs some of the most technologically advanced material recovery facilities (MRFs) globally. Custom turnkey solutions for residential recycling, commercial and industrial processing, municipal solid waste processing, engineered fuel, and more, are designed, manufactured, and implemented by CP Group.

The Project
Republic Services has been serving the Las Vegas metro area for more than 20 years. With the increased participation in the residential recycling program across Southern Nevada, Republic had to expand its local processing capabilities. As part of the expansion, Republic will install dual 35 Tons per Hour (TPH) full single-stream systems to accommodate the volume in the local market. Once this is completed, it will result in the largest residential recycling center in the U.S. with the capability to process 70 TPH.

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