By Jeff Eriks, Cambridge Companies

August 1, 2016


A hauling company is a big part of any waste company.

A hauling company houses route trucks, containers, mechanics, drivers, an operations team, a back-office, and management. However, at the same time, this facility is not “revenue-producing” because revenue gets driven by tipping fees and not hauling contracts. That said, these facilities must be built economically and operate safely and efficiently. Today, it is important to make sure facilities are clean, and somewhere people want to work. Quality drivers and mechanics are getting harder to come by, so it is helpful to offer good amenities, a nice environment, and benefits.

Site Location and Amenities

The site location and amenities are the most important to arrange. When it comes to operations of the facility, start with a focus on the site location. The site must be zoned, have easy access to highways or other major roads, and be close to the tipping site for collection trucks. These keys are the most important factors in site selection. Because if these do not work, everything else becomes difficult.

The site needs to have well-built access roads suited for heavy truck traffic. Ideally, the site should have access to the proper utilities and be able to convert to CNG. Next, the facility neighbors should have similar uses. In most cases, a commercial business park is not the best option for a hauling company. A light industrial park is a better location. The facility should also get sized to handle current needs, future growth, and other local requirements such as landscaping, green space, etc.

Factor in container storage as well for on site storage. The storage area is not very attractive and the best location is at the back of the site to mask its view from passing traffic. The exact size requirements of site is based on individualized operations and local requirements. A civil engineer with waste facility experience can help develop container storage for the hauling facility.

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