By Allen Geralt of Waste 360

April 15, 2015

Missouri Building Transfer Station

Cambridge Companies will design and build the facility.

Evan Williams, Cambridge’s Design Project Manager, said the new operation will have accommodations to support a small hauling facility.

Gape Girardeau signed a contract with Republic Services to haul solid waste from the City’s Transfer Station to the landfill.

The agreement includes a provision to operate its hauling operation and process all solid waste through a new city-owned Transfer Station.

In addition, the agreement includes a provision for Republic Services to operate its hauling operation and process all solid waste from that operation through a new city-owned multi-use transfer station. “The revenue generated from the solid waste processed by the city from Republic’s hauling operation, will provide sufficient revenue to pay for the new facility without higher user fees,” said Tim Gramling, Cape Girardeau, public works director.

Republic hauls trash from residents and businesses around Cape Girardeau to its Transfer Station. Under the recent agreement, Republic will close down the Fruitland facility and bring its trash collected in the city and county to Cape Girardeau’s Transfer Station.

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