By Recycling Today Staff

January 5, 2016


San Diego-based CP Group, in partnership with Phoenix-based Republic Services Inc., unveiled a state-of-the-art recycling center in 2015. The grand opening welcomed more than 450 attendees for a tour.

The 110,000 SF Southern Nevada Recycling Center is known as the largest residential recycling center in North America.

Constructed by Cambridge Companies, and the installation of equipment by CP Group. Completed in a remarkable 12 months. CP Group engineered the residential and commercial single-stream processing system, capable of processing 2 million pounds of recyclables daily, or 70 tons per hour. This capability is expected to double the recycling capacity through Clark County, Nevada.

The facility features two 35-tons-per-hour sorting lines for operational flexibility, according to a news release issued by CP Group. Republic can process material on one or both lines and bypass certain parts of the system when processing different material types.

While the center will process residential recyclables, it also can process commercial and industrial streams. This built-in flexibility allows the system to adapt as the composition of the recycling stream evolves, according to CP Group.

The system can process material very quickly. “In 30 minutes, we can process as much recycling as 155 households will generate in a year,” says Len Christopher, General Manager for post-collection at Republic Services. “And, we can process a route truck that travels through the neighborhood faster than you can order a latte at your favorite coffee shop in about two and a half minutes.”

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