By Evan Williams, Cambridge Companies

October 1, 2017


Here is how Transfer Stations benefit from technology.

Technology continues to have an impactful effect on Transfer Stations. The scope of these impacts cover critical operations including:

  1. Loading
  2. Scaling
  3. Environmental compliance
  4. And safety

When implemented, these technologies help your facility operate efficiently, provide a safer workplace, and minimize environmental affects.

Facility Efficiency

Ensuring Transfer Stations work efficiently is critical to capacity, and keeping costs low. To illustrate, technology offers many approaches that impact different areas of operations.

The first, would be the site entry and scaling. Sites need a Scale House staffed at all times while the facility is working. Typically, two staff members deal with traffic coming in and going out. One approach would be to use a Remote Presence Unit. This provides a video screen, microphone, and a ticket printer so the drivers can get their tickets.

In addition, the scaling process can get improved through the use of Radio-Frequency Identification tags. When a Transfer Station has a fleet of collection trucks, the operator can assign these tags. The tags connect to scale readers. This system allows all tagged vehicles to enter the scale without requiring interaction with the operator, as the vehicle tare weight is known and they can unload and leave the site faster.

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